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Based in Athens, the company manages in Greece an ever-increasing number of copyrights of the Anglo-American repertoire, including works by Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), Warner Chappell Music (WCM) and Kobalt, with absolute respect for the music value, the creators and publishers, as well as music users and the audience that enjoys it.


Copyrights Explained

A copyright is the right that a creator has over their original work (for example, music, poetry, a play, a visual piece of work, etc) from the moment of its creation. The totality of the power that a creator has over their work is called a copyright. ORFIUM Music Rights Greece protects the copyrights of stakeholders and artists.

Our Process

Work Registration
The building block of the music industry are pieces of music. At ORFIUM Music Rights Greece you can register your work in the way that works for you.
Repertoire Matching Music Use
At ORFIUM Music Rights Greece we use cutting edge technology to identify every use of the portfolio of music we represent. The methods we use are internationally recognized from the largest businesses in the music industry.
Royalty Collection
We calculate the royalty of each right in a technologically innovative way and collect in extended ways that combine the human approach with technology.
Royalty Distribution
ORFIUM Music Rights Greece distributes royalties with ultimate transparency, quickly and in detail, without “black-box” processes and small print. Creators and rightsholders who entrust ORFIUM Music Rights Greece have real-time control of the process and can facilitate their timely and precise royalty payments through our digital tools.

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