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Setting a new stage in licencing.

Do I need a license?

Every piece of music is a product of intellectual property. Someone, somewhere, created it. For someone to use it, it requires a licence. The way in which the creators of music are paid for their intellectual property is a matter of law. For every “use” of a piece of music, you are required to pay an amount that relates to the intellectual property of the piece and hold a licence from its creator or IP owner.

General License
Broadcasting License
Digital License
Why should I choose ORFIUM Music Rights Greece? 

ORFIUM Music Rights Greece offers easy processes to acquire a music licence and to pay royalties for each use case of our represented repertoire. 

We include huge global hits in our represented repertoire, as we are entrusted by important creators and rightsholders from around the world. 

Get in touch with ORFIUM Music Rights Greece to work on licencing  in the most transparent, direct and effective way. Based in Athens, the company manages in Greece an ever-increasing number of copyrights of the Anglo-American repertoire, including works by Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), Warner Chappell Music (WCM) and Kobalt, with absolute respect for the music value, the creators and publishers, as well as music users and the audience that enjoys it.

Find here the ORFIUM Music Rights Greece Licences Templates