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Our Vision

We at ORFIUM Music Rights Greece want to change the way in which copyrights are handled. Licensing, the protection and fair royalties for copyrighted works are not luxuries. They are a human need, linked to our very beings. 

Copyrights are at the same time an important commodity and a product. We respect the artists, the audience and the users of music and work hard to serve all of them excellently. 

We are deeply aware that stakeholders are at the heart of the music industry. We want to offer them the services they deserve for their significant contributions, to play a part in freeing them from humdrum work and allowing their creativity to thrive. With technology as our driving force, we offer solutions for critical music industry problems, we maximize revenue from royalties for the stakeholders who work with us.

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Our Mission

Music and words, which together form a song, have traditionally been a major means of expression for all cultures around the world. They are a precious commodity, a building block of humanity for generations. 

Our mission is to support and enhance that central core of creativity and expression, by offering high quality rights management services to creators and rightsholders. That is what we love doing, that is the reason we founded ORFIUM and that is the goal we serve with passion.

At ORFIUM Music Rights Greece we leverage and develop cutting-edge technology, design and implement best practices and processes, in order to provide reliable solutions to the music industry in the most transparent and efficient way possible. We identify, manage and distribute the exact royalties owed to rightsholders, creators and publishers, freeing them from the humdrum task and allowing them to focus on creativity!

By implementing highly refined technological solutions, ORFIUM Music Rights Greece offers reliable modern rights protection and management services. 

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Technological Supremacy
Operational Excellence


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